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What is Customer Experience?

Customer Experience refers to the experience your customer has at every stage of brand engagement; from discovery to recommendation.

It focuses on feelings. How do your customers feel when they interact with your brand?

Why is Customer Experience Important?

Every touchpoint is a chance to enhance or negate how a customer feels about your brand.

These touchpoints and experiences are not something that happens by chance or evolves naturally as your company grows.

It is something that must be strategic´╗┐ally designed to create loyalty and advocacy.

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How Does It Work?

Step 1: It Starts With a Deep Dive Into Your Business

Together, we will dig into all aspects of your business, answering questions like: What is your core offering? How is it performing? How is it staffed and supported today? What are you goals? What is your biggest challenge?

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How Does It Work?

Step 2: Then We Outline Your Customer Journey

We will then outline the key interactions a customer or potential customer has with your business. We will start with how they find out about you to where they might provide a recommendation after they've used the product or service.

How Does It Work?

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The right people in the

right roles, doing the right things.

Step 3: Your Customer Experience Plan is Developed

Based on all input, SHC will craft a customized plan that provides clear direction on how to execute and deliver the experience through the 3 P's:

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Documented processes

designed for scale.

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The right tools implemented to track & measure performance.



Sample Work

Here's the output you can expect.

You will be provided with an excel that outlines the end-to-end customer journey.

You will also be provided with a full document that recaps all of the business needs required to execute the journey that we outline.

Customer Experience


Is Your Business a Good Fit?


If you have a business, you're going to have a customer. You want your customer to have the best experience. Let's define it, together!

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Ways to Work Together

1/2 Day Working Session

Customer Journey Creation

Customer Experience Plan



Full Day Working Session

Customer Journey Creation

Customer Experience Plan


Implement Aspects of the Plan for Your Company

Plan CREATIOn + IMplementation

Full Day Working Session

Customer Journey Creation


Full Plan Implementation

for Your Company

Plan CREATION + IMplementation + Fractional work

Want to Learn Which Option is Best For You?

Schedule a free consultation and let's chat!

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About Me

I am a results-driven, customer experience leader focused on revenue growth and retention.

With a background in advertising, I learned the importance of crafting a full brand experience and delivering against it from the very start.

Over the past 9+ years, I have worked with B2B advertising technology start-ups to build, grow and scale customer-facing delivery teams.

My notable stats include:

  • Scaled Growth from $15M to $109M across 400 clients
  • Grew Incremental Revenue by 216%
  • Consistently achieved an 80 NPS Score (Net Promoter Score)

*Global NPS benchmark is 32*

Let's work together to architect an amazing experience for your customers!

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Sofia Helen

I started Sofia Helen Consulting because I saw the immediate benefit developing a strong customer journey and experience had on a business.

In today's ever-evolving landscape, several needs to deliver a strong customer experience can be managed by a consultant or fractional team member. An expert can be hired to build an aspect that internal team members can later run and manage.

I genuinely love to help others succeed and enjoy diving deep into a business to help it grow.

Sofia Helen is an homage to my namesakes; my Grandmother and Great-Grandmothers, who were all wonderful women.

Let's Work Together



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